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New music streaming service

A new music streaming service called (that’s “Lala” in Chinese I believe) launches in the US and 15 European countries. Check it out on I do wonder though: With 10 Million songs at their fingertips – THAT’S the one they pick for their promotional video?!

Deezer expands to 200 countries; Germany launches Dec 15

Today Deezer (“the world’s leading music streaming service”) released details of its world-wide launch plan: Starting on 8th December, 2011 their ambitious goal is to be in 200 countries by June 2012. This is their launch schedule: December 8th, 2011: Ireland, The Netherlands By December 31st, 2011: Greater Europe: 45 countries including Spain (Dec. 13th), […]

Spotify introduces Apps

Spotify announced that they are introducing Apps within Spotify. Basically little add-ons similar to what you know from your Firefox or Chrome. As of now apps are only available for the beta version of Spotify. The list of apps so far includes well-known players such, Songkick as well as music reviews from Rolling Stone […]

Simfy launches in Belgium

Previously only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Simfy announced earlier this week that they are now available in Belgium as well. According to Gerrit Schumann, CEO of Simfy, the Belgium launch marks the starting point of a more aggressive expansion strategy.

3 Approaches to Pricing

Approaches to pricing can be categorized into three groups that are based on either costs, competition or customer value (Ingenbleek et al. 2003, p. 291). Cost-plus pricing Cost-plus pricing implies the determination of prices based on fixed and variable costs. While the implementation of cost-plus pricing is straightforward (Simon & Fassnacht 2009, p. 190) – e.g., […]

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