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WHY RARA.COM IS FAILING TO ADDRESS THE MASS MARKET The other day I pointed out four reasons why is worth checking out. While certainly brings a fresh breeze into the market, I believe they will have a tough time. Here’s why: Let’s look again at what lets stand out in the ecosystem […]

4 Reasons is worth checking out

Recently I mentioned the new streaming service Here are a couple of things about them that are quite interesting (the following is all based on their launch press conference video and their press release): 1) Innovative User Interface Instead of a “boring” Excel spreadsheet look, wants to give users a more visual user […]

New music streaming service

A new music streaming service called (that’s “Lala” in Chinese I believe) launches in the US and 15 European countries. Check it out on I do wonder though: With 10 Million songs at their fingertips – THAT’S the one they pick for their promotional video?!

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