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Rdio, please don’t die!

According to Techcrunch, Rdio is laying off people – allegedly up to 35 people or 25% of the work force –  “to improve its cost structure and ensure a scalable business model for the long-term”, as TC quotes a Rdio spokesperson. In other words: Rdio’s investors are getting cold feet thinking about the burn rate. […]

Facebook launches ‘Listen with Friends’ Feature

Facebook announced on their blog a new real-time group music listening feature called “Listen with Friends”: Look for the music note in the chat sidebar to see which of your friends are listening to music. To listen with a friend, hover over their name, and click the Listen With button. The music will play through […]

Rdio to launch in Germany

It’s getting cozy in the German online music streaming market: After the recent launches of Deezer and, US based Rdio now announced their Germany launch starting January 12, 2012 ( Spotify, any news?

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